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Jennifer Payne is an American revolutionary, rare disease patient and advocate, with education background in pharmacy, policy, and science. She has drawn upon her rich, political American heritage in winning a first-ever historic right against the US federal government on behalf of PKU patients and the medically disenfranchised. Jennifer has been instrumental in helping PKU patients adversely impacted by access challenges in securing coverage for treatment with medical foods for inborn errors and fighting a systematic framework that was unsafe by design and intrinsically flawed since its inception. Dietary treatment with provision of medical foods for PKU has been the gold standard therapy, saving lives for over 60 years from devastating and disabling disease consequences that are otherwise 100% preventable thanks to early detection by newborn screening, and early and continuous treatment - for life. Medical foods is the greatest invention ever in the history of biochemical genetics and the lifesaving potential, preventative properties, use in the treatment and mitigation of PKU and similar inborn errors is a story worth fighting for.

PKU-Who? "Denying the necessary treatment to these individuals is denying them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." To view a video on PKU and medical foods equity, click here:

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***Please view special tribute below to my pharmacy family for playing out the values for PKU treatment at Tough Mudder Virginia 2016 obstacle course! Thank you so much for your support and spreading awareness***

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